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Product Lines

Ag-Vantage Culti-Diker ST on 24 Row Monosem Planer


  • Prevent water and wind erosion for increased yields

  • Forms water retaining pockets

  • Units float independently for uniform pocket depth

  • Mount to existing equipment

  • Eliminates multiple field passes

  • Saves you time and money

  • Numerous mounting options and models


Ag-Vantage Trac Filler MAX - Pivot Track Closer


  • Simple cost-effective implements to eliminate pivot tracks

  • Decreases field maintenance costs

  • Heavy duty design and construction to provide years of service

  • Center guide wheel controls tracking and cut depth

  • Trac Filler has narrow-cut width with dual cut-away discs

  • Trac Filler MAX has a hydraulic guide wheel and rear scraper blade

Ag-Vantage 24 Row 22" Fold Over Tool Bar


  • Custom tool bars built to your specifications...

  • 4 to 24 row models on various row spacings

  • Numerous folding options and bar configurations

  • Rotating tool bar options

  • Various shank, point, and hiller options

  • Custom attachments - spray booms, leveling bars, gauge wheels, & stabilizer wheel

Ag-Vantge Rolling Shields on John Deere 1730 Planter


  • Protects crops during planting or cultivation

  • Add to planters to rip centers to prevent wind erosion and better water absorbtion

  • Replace tunnel shields on older cultivators

  • Increase ground speed with less trash buildup

  • Fully adjustable for the perfect field setup

  • 24 inch concave discs

  • Several mounting options available

Ag-Vantage Roller Harrow 24' Rigid


  • Custom roller harrows built to your specifications

  • Pull-type or three-point mounted

  • Rigid and folding models

  • 12' to 36' models

  • Numerous shank and roller options

  • Attachment options - rear hitch, leveling bar, harrows, & spray booms

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