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Trac Fillers

Track Filled with Ag-Vantage Trac Filler - Track Closer
Ag-Vantage Trac Filler -Pivot Track Filler

Ag-Vantage Trac Fillers are simple but cost effective tools to eliminate pivot tracks before harvest or through out the forage growing season.  Trac Fillers help cut down maintenance costs by reducing fatigue on field equipment and stress on pivot systems from deep wheel tracks.



Ag-Vantage Trac Fillers utilize center stabilizers to control tacking and the depth of cut.  They feature heavy duty greaseable hubs and standard replaceable T-1 grader blades.  The Trac Fillers employ a heavy duty design and construction to provide you with years of service.

The original Ag-Vantage Trac Filler’s unique design provides a narrow cut width to fill wheel tracks.   It has a simple, but effective design to provide years of trouble free service.


New Packer Wheel

NEW Packer Wheel Option for the Trac Filler.  Helps firm and break up soil behind the pivot track filler.  Can be easily mounted to existing units.

NEW Trac Filler Wheel Packer

Trac Filler MAX

Ag-Vantage now offers a new innovation in pivot track fillers with the Trac Filler MAX.  It is revolutionary in design because it allows you to pull soil into areas where it is needed.  The Trac Filler MAX can fill wheel tracks like traditional track fillers, but with its rear blade it also allows you to move extra soil to deeper wheel tracks, or knock down mounds of soil.  The Trac Filler MAX design is a ground-breaking first for pivot track fillers.

Pivot Track Filld with Ag-Vantage Trac Filler MAX - Track Filler
Ag-Vantage Trac Filler MAX - Pivot Track Filler
Ag-Vantage Trac Fillers 2019

Ag-Vantage Trac Fillers 2019

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