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Culti-Dikers Culti-Diker MAX Trac Fillers Tool Bars
The Culti-Diker saves you time and money by eliminating multiple field passes. The Culti-Diker MAX is the next generation of water conservation tool from Ag-Vantage. Ag-Vantage Trac Fillers are simple but cost effective tools to eliminate pivot tracks. We offer models from 4 to 24 rows with multiple folding and shank options available.

Welcome To Ag-Vantage, Inc.

Ag-Vantage, Inc. is an innovative manufacturer that specializes in water conservation field equipment for progressive farmers.  Our products help prevent runoff through ground-breaking designs and applications.  We offer several product lines including the Culti-Diker, Culti-Diker MAX, Trac Filler, Trac Filler MAX, Custom Tool Bars, and Custom Built Equipment. 

Ag-Vantage, Inc. strives to provide high quality products that will help you produce the highest quality crop.  We do this by providing innovative products to prevent runoff, which in turn provides you with higher yields.  Our products are designed and manufactured with strength and durability as a priority. 

Bring Ag-Vantage, Inc. an innovative idea and we will help make it a reality.  We are always striving to engineer products to meet the needs of the progressive farmer.

Call us today at 208-670-1041 or fill out our online contact form.


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